The system is delivered in different types of services. The customer has the ability to administer the application itself (PAAS) or to leave control and management in our hands (SAAS). For standard deliveries, implementation is also recommended, where client-specific analysis and setup is performed.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

This service provides not only a product license, but also monthly support and management (8h / 7days)Support includes regular upgrades, transaction control, and customer consultation. It means that client does not have to care about the operation and maintenance what we guarantee.

PaaS (Platfrom as a Service)

This is a purchase of a license where the customer receives a product installation package. The maintenance itself, installation on the server and system settings is in the hands of the client.




Implementation includes infrastructure analysis and installation of the system on the customer’s environment and its settings. In the case of the customer’s interest, we also train the internal future administrator.