PM intrgator is the modular software which enables data transfer between various systems (for example: from project management to ERP or accounting systems and back). It contains connectors and support interfaces into applications like Jira, Redmine, Easy Project, Easy Redmine and for sure Helios, SAP, Oracle, Pohoda, Money..

Main features

  • modular scalability of interfaces (Rest API, DB connection, XML, CSV)
  • intuitive graphical interface for mapping attributes from one system to another
  • ability to set up regularity of transactions and track progress statistics
  • compatibility with Win / Linux platform


Typical examples are hours spent on projects that are used as an input for employee or subcontractors wages and clear company finance controlling.


  • online overview of the financial performance of your projects inside your accounting system
  • removing manual work when transcribing work logs (spent time)
  • speed up invoicing process
  • finance transparency across the company